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May 01 2015

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Meet the 19-year-old who saved 55 orphans during the Nepal earthquake 

Just before the earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, Ishwor Ghimire was having lunch at the Nepal Deprived Women and Children Upliftment Center orphanage in Kathmandu. As the earth began to shake beneath him, 19-year-old Ghimire immediately sprung to action. Minutes later, he emerged as one of the country’s many heroes.

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Folding screen by Camilla Richter

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Fashion Show / A-W 2008-2009 RTW, Paris

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19990620: Hope, Fish, Despair

Two hungry cats saw a big fish on the frozen lake park. They excitedly jump straight to the frozen lake where the fish away, to the front paw is caught is flexible, persevering fish separated by a layer of ice, visible touch them, spent a long time effort, still to no avail. Finally, the only hope, fish sigh, the disappointing.
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“Lipstick is an armour to the world. My mum had a thing when we were growing up – if she’d had a shit day or if something had gone wrong, she’d put her red lipstick on. I still abide by that.”


When we say “black lives matter”, it does not imply “white lives don’t matter.”

When we say “women should be respected”, it does not imply “men should not be respected.”

When we say “there’s nothing wrong with being gay”, it does not imply “there’s something wrong with being straight.”

When we say “trans people are people” it does not imply “cis people are not people.”

Us getting rights does not mean your rights are being taken away. You are not a victim. So please stop making everything about you.

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New York at Night ( JC Richardson

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I just read these tags and I’m crying. Thank you all so much.

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Yet where was the National Guard…

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Bex Day: Harnaam

Harnaam Kaur is many things: primary school teacher, model, and self-professed “genderfucker”. Many will know her as Britain’s foremost bearded lady. A walking mass of contradictions, it’s best, perhaps, to think of her simply as subversive, and definitely brave. What becomes clear from talking to Harnaam – warm, chatty, open – is that her most remarkable feature isn’t her appearance, but her unwavering self-belief. (by Amelia Abraham ) 

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Now begins my adventure wall. All of the pictures I take that recapture a place that left me lost for words, they’re goin here.

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Teaser for HBO Films’ Bessie (slated to premiere Saturday, May 16), starring Oscar nominee Queen Latifah as blues singer Bessie Smith, Oscar winner Mo’Nique as blues singer Ma Rainey, Michael K. Williams as Smith’s husband Jack Gee, Khandi Alexander as Smith’s sister Viola and Tika Sumpter as Smith’s lover Lucille.


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Baltimore Coverage you may not see.

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Doom


one thing that is abundently clear is that white ppl (trans esp) have are desperate to have any WHITE person overshadow Cox and Mock. (x)

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